Traditions as a basis for innovations

VINZER - in the best traditions of quality.

Pure taste and unquestioned reliability are the main values embodied by VINZER in its kitchenware. Healthy eating as an element of production philosophy and stable technological vanguard enabled VINZER to score a success all over the globe and to win a consumer confidence.
As before, VINZER keeps amazing people by its simple and delightful ideas and making its products of the best materials: high-quality safe for health non-stick coatings, food-grade plastic, bamboo, distinguished for its unique properties, and so on. Environmental friendly food stainless steel FERRINOX® 18/10 patented by VINZER – strong, hygienic and durable – caused a real mini-revolution in domestic life. Besides perfectly even surface, new generation heat-resistant borosilicate glass THERMIX® developed by specialists of VINZER offers incredible thermal shock resistance.
Noble precision of the shape makes cookware VINZER a real decoration of your kitchen. High quality can be recognized in details. The products are eternal. They are deformation-proof and maintain their functionality and attraction after years of active service. The doors of the best houses were thrown open towards quality and fine in its strictness design of the cookware and accessories VINZER. Welcome to the world of reliability and distinguished style.

VINZER – in the best traditions of quality!