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Item: 89023

Grand Senior

  • High-quality stainless steel FERRINOX® 18/10
  • Bottom fastening technology „Impact Bonding” is an assurance of durability
  • Stay cool handles with bakelite inserts
  • Spot soldering provides exceptional solidity and durable service life of handles
  • Thermosensor enables to watch over cooking process without opening the lid, and to estimate the temperature optimal for food warming up or preparation
  • Upside-down salad bowl with suction knob can be used as a high lid for large-sized foodstuff cooking
Preservation of vitamins Energy saving while cooking Preparation on a glass ceramics plate Preparation on an induction plate Preparation on a halogen plate Preparation on an electric plate Preparation on a gas plate Handles remain cold


Saucepot with lidØ 24 cm - 6.5 l
Saucepot with lid
Ø 24 cm - 6.5 l
Saucepot with lidØ 20 cm - 3.7 l
Saucepot with lid
Ø 20 cm - 3.7 l
Saucepot with lidØ 18 cm - 2.5 l
Saucepot with lid
Ø 18 cm - 2.5 l
Saucepan with lidØ 16 cm - 1.6 l
Saucepan with lid
Ø 16 cm - 1.6 l
Frying pan with lidØ 24 cm
Frying pan with lid
Ø 24 cm
Salad bowlØ 24 cm
Salad bowl
Ø 24 cm
SteamerØ 20 cm
Ø 20 cm
Bakelite underlay
Bakelite underlay
Suction knob
Suction knob