In the best traditions of quality

Stainless steel FERRINOX® 18/10


Stainless steel FERRINOX®18/10 is so-called medical high-quality stainless steel patented by VINZER. Such a ratio of chrome (18%) to nickel (10%) invests it with various advantages: high non-stick properties, durability, compliance with hygienic and toxicological standards, as well as aesthetical look of goods. Steel FERRINOX®18/10 is acid- and alkali-resistant, does not change either taste or color of food. It is not less porous than iron of cast iron, thereby kitchenware and accessories VINZER made of it are virtually eternal. They are deformation-proof and maintain their functionality and attraction after years of active service.

Heatproof glass THERMIX®


Heatproof glass THERMIX® is a new generation of high-quality heatproof borosilicate glass, developed by VINZER specialists. Besides irreproachable quality and perfectly smooth surface, this borosilicate glass, thanks to its unique formula, shows an incredible thermal shock resistance, having the maximum working temperature of 400°C.

"Impact Bonding" technology


A capsule-bottom fastening technology, when the intermediate aluminum layer spreads evenly under the pressure of 2000 t between two steel plates and displaces the excess air that completely excludes an eventual bottom separation or deformation. Due to the special properties of heat storing bottom, you can cook even with the minimum quantity of oil or fat. During the process of cooking inner liquid of food and mineral salts belonging to it are used.

"Impact Bonding" technology provides the following advantages:

  • walls and bottom heating time is 30% less than with regular pans and frying pans;
  • energy saving up to 20%;
  • your time saving.
1. Stainless steel
2. Alumunium
3. Even aluminium distribution
4. Uneven aluminium distribution


Copper-plated inner liner


Excellent heat saving capacity of vacuum flasks VINZER is achieved by increased insulation of copper-plated inner liner.

Handles' fastening


VINZER applies the most reliable methods to fasten handles:

  • Four-point soldering instead of two-point soldering commonly used;
  • Rivet junction – considered to be eternal for its exceptional durability and virtually unlimited service life.



Lids are equipped by thermosensors, which are intended to help you chose optimal temperature for food cooking or warming and to watch over the cooking process without lifting the lid.

Light gray

Temperature range from 0°C up to 40°C. Food warming mode


Temperature range from 40°C up to 90°C. Basic food preparation mode


Temperature range from 90°C up to 100°C. High temperature mode

Teflon® Platinum & Teflon® Select


TM VINZER uses only the best wear-resistance and efficient non-stick coatings:

  • Teflon® Platinum and Teflon® Select by Du Pont, worldwide leader in production of super durable and progressive non-stick coatings



Eco-friendly ceramic non-stick coating


This non-stick ceramic coating is made of natural materials and doesn’t contain any heavy metals or volatile organic compounds. It has excellent non-stick and antibacterial properties. No emission of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) when cooking. It cannot be burned or decomposed even when continuously used over 450°C. Pollutants hardly stick on coating surface that prevents propagation of bacteria and considerably simplifies its cleaning.

Whitford QuanTanium


High-quality multilayer non-stick coating Whitford QuanTanium® contains unique mix of titan particles enabling it with extraordinary reliability. Internal titan strengthening of QuanTanium® makes it very durable, scratch resistant and resistant to the use of metal kitchen devices as well as enables it with excellent non-stick characteristics.

Non-stick coating Granite


Non-stickcoatingGranite, developed by advanced engineers of Vinzer Corp. AG. The Granite coating is 30 microns thick and consists of 3 layers; the intermediate one contains granite chips providing hardness, durability, high chemical resistance and excellent non-stick properties.


Ceramic reinforced multilayered non-stick coating ILAG® Durit Select is resistant to metal kitchen utensils use, PFOA-free and safe for health. High-temperature strength of Durit Select turns it to a perfect grill pans coating. High endurance strength and very good non-stick characteristics are able to meet requirements of the most pretentious consumers.



Internal and external Whitford Xylan®Silver multilayered non-stick coating is safe for health and simple in handling. It is perfect for all types of heatproof cookware used in ovens. This type of coating harmoniously supplements the design of utensil and considerably facilitates taking care of it.

Molybdenum-vanadium steel X50CrMoV15


Kitchen knives VINZER are made of extra hard molybdenum-vanadium steel X50CrMoV15, whose Rockwell hardness is 56±2 HRC. The knife blades, made of it, are notable for their increased strength to chemical and mechanical effects, as well as for an excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Ceramic knife HRÀ 86-88


Ultra-hard zirconium ceramics HRÀ 86-88 is stain- and rust-proof, inert to acid and alkali; there is no metallic taste or smell. Razor-sharp and light, don’t require sharpening for years.

High-carbon steel 1.4028 / X30Cr13


Wedge-shaped blade for long lasting sharpness of a cutting edge. Rockwell hardness: 52±2 HRC.