Set of pots TECHNO 8 pcs. (50022)

The set includes 8 items: three pots of different sizes and a saucepan with lids. The body of all crockery items is made of high quality food grade FERRINOX 18/10 steel. FERRINOX 18/10 steel has anti-corrosion properties, is resistant to deformation, to acids and alkalis and is durable in use. Heat-resistant glass lids with steel rim and steam hole. The set will satisfy the needs of any family thanks to the different volume of pots. The unique three-layer bottom is made using Impact Bonding technology, so the heat is evenly distributed and lasts a long time. This is a method of fixing the bottom, in which its layers – two steel plates and a layer of aluminum – are not glued together, but are held together by a blow of a 2000 ton press. Thus, excess air space is displaced, the aluminum layer is evenly distributed and all irregularities are smoothed out, which completely eliminates the possibility of peeling or deformation of the bottom. The handles are made of high quality FERRINOX 18/10 stainless steel. The handles are fastened to the walls by spot soldering.

Vendor code


A type

Set of pots

Packing size

20x48x27 cm


FERRINOX 18/10 stainless steel

Handle material

FERRINOX 18/10 stainless steel

Wall thickness

0.6 mm

Bottom thickness

5.5 mm


Capsule bottom with IMPACT BONDING technology

Number of items

8 items

Kit complete set

Saucepan with lid: 14 cm 1.1 L; Sauce pot with lid: 16 cm 1.5 L; Sauce pot with lid: 20 cm 3.4 L; Sauce pot with lid: 24 cm 5.9 L

Attaching the handles

Point soldering


Combined heat-resistant glass and stainless steel lid

Heat source compatibility





Care advice

Cool handle

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