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We've been working for you since 2000. Extensive experience, advanced technologies and dedication inspire us to create elegant, functional, high-quality dishes, and to keep the progress.

So let our product give you many pleasant moments!

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Our priorities

High quality

Each product goes through the quality control inspection at all manufacture stages and has the according sertification. Over the years of continuous development, Vinzer has gained a reputation of a company for which quality is paramount.


Caring for the future of the planet is one of the principles of the company's development. We are constantly working to make products as environmentally friendly as possible: we use less paint, certified and recyclable raw materials that meet all quality standards.

Unique and functional design

Vinzer is a combination of minimalism and ergonomics. Developing new collections, we set trends in cookware and kitchen accessories fields. We also develop our products in terms of fuctionality by adding useful features to it, making the process of cooking as comfortable as possible.


Our high-quality materials withstand everyday loads in kitchen, and cookware can be used for a long time. We use latest technologies in production, reliable methods of fastening details and provide a quality control inspection at all stages of production.

Technologies and materials

High-quality FERRINOX 18/10 stainless steel

Products made of this material are durable, resistant to damage and deformation, don't interact with alkaline and acidic environments - don't change the taste of food, or react with it. This cookware will last you for many years without change in appearance and will always look like new.

Heat-resistant THERMIX glass

High-tech heat-resistant THERMIX glass is developed according to a unique formula. It has high heat resistance, is resistant to temperature changes and can withstand temperatures up to 400 ° C. It is used in the manufacture of lids for dishes, thermo mugs, teapots, etc.

THERMIX glass products will protect the user from burns and provide their own strength during thermal loads.

Molybdenum-vanadium steel X50CrMov15

Knives, which are distinguished by other high quality and durability, are made of molybdenum-vanadium steel X50CrMov15 and have a strength of 56 HRC.

Such knives are characterized by extended service life, increased resistance to corrosion and scratches, low fragility (less blunt and easily withstand strong impacts).

Non-stick coating

We use the highest quality non-stick coating, which is applied in at least three layers.

Non-stick coating is made of natural materials, does not contain heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. During heating, does not emit perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), withstanding temperatures up to 450 C.

Contaminants do not stick to the surface, which prevents bacteria from multiplying and greatly facilitates the washing process.

Capsule bottom

The technology of a capsule bottom provides optimum heating of ware. Its feature is that between the two layers of steel is placed a layer of aluminum, which has a high thermal conductivity. High heat accumulation allows to cook with the minimum use of oil.

Thanks to the capsule bottom, the dishes heat up 30% faster, which shortens the cooking process, and thus saves time and energy.

Impact Bonding

Special technology of fastening of a bottom of ware: material connect a blow of the press in 2000 tons, squeezing out excess air between plates. The technology of pressing the capsule is under high pressure, which prevents deformation and delamination during the use of utensils.

The IMPACT BONDING bottom fastening method makes the pans durable, resistant to mechanical damage and keeps their presentable appearance for a long time.

Bakelite handles

Bakelite is a heat-resistant food polymer that can withstand temperatures up to 150 ०C, while maintaining its starting properties.

Due to these characteristics, bakelite performs an important function in the practical use of utensils. In the process of cooking the surface of the handles is not heated and if you take the dishes without tack - you can not be afraid of burns.

Copper capsule in thermoses

In VINZER thermoses the inner capsule is covered with copper. This allows you to keep the desired temperature inside longer.
The capsule itself is separated from the outer walls by a vacuum. This technique reduces contact with materials that can affect thermal conductivity.

VINZER thermoses not only reliably keep liquid temperature, but also have shock-resistant properties. This makes them easy to use and extends their service life.



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Europe map
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  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
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